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Crews Repair Ruptured Halifax County Water Main

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SCOTLAND NECK, N.C. — Utility crews in Halifax County on Friday afternoon located and repaired a water leak that dried up parts of the county over the past two days.

For nearly 40 hours, Scotland Neck and nearby communities were without water because a broken main had depressurized the water system. About a third of Halifax County had little or no water pressure, officials said.

Crews sealed the damaged main late Friday. As the system repressurizes, customers have been asked to boil all water for at least a minute to remove any impurities that got into the system.

The water problems forced five area schools -- Southeast Halifax High, Bakers Elementary, Scotland Neck Primary, Dawson Elementary and Brawley Middle -- and several day-care centers to close Friday morning. Numerous restaurants also had to shut down because of the lack of water.

"It hurt us pretty bad today," restaurant owner Ricky Williams said. "We're just waiting to hear from the health department to make sure the water is safe for use, for consumption."

Water problems also impacted businesses that stayed open, as well as every local household.

"I have a recreation center here right down the street, and the children do not have water," Mildred Moore said. "It's been an inconvenience for people, it really has been."

"It's been kind of miserable because we don't have any drinking water. We don't have anything to take a bath," resident Wayne Powell said.

Firefighters handed out bottled water to residents who needed it.

"We had right much waiting for water (Thursday) night, and it's been steady (Friday)," Scotland Neck Fire Chief Patrick Staton said.

Crews from nearby fire departments were on stand-by to assist with any fires in southern Halifax County.

"The nearest water source we have is about 8 to 10 miles. So, no fire hydrants are operating, basically, from here to Halifax," Staton said.