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Too Busy To Head To Gym? Your Workout Can Be A Click Away

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MIAMI — Most people want to exercise more, but it's hard to find the time. Exercise videos are popular because they can be done at home. Now, a growing number of people are turning to the Web for workouts in the home or office.
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    Is Your Computer A Part Of Your Daily Workout Routine?

    Janet Dagnesses of Miami likes to exercise, but a new baby makes it difficult.

    "It's hard to get out to the gym sometimes," Dagnesses said.

    As a result, she tried doing some workouts on the Web to lose her post-pregnancy pounds.

    "I've lost about 20 pounds since I had the baby four weeks ago," Dagnesses said.

    Internet fitness is a growing trend. It is low-cost and offers a variety of programs. Plus, since it can be done in the home or in the office, it fits into almost anyone's schedule.

    Several Web sites offer everything, including yoga, abs, kickboxing, treadmills, resistance bands and bikes. There is a class for everyone, even if you are out of shape. One video features an overweight trainer.

    Personal trainer Gina Aleman said she is not worried about the competition.

    "I don't think it's going to put gyms out of business. It's going to complement them," she said.

    Aleman said the online workouts fill a niche for people who want to stay fit.

    "They're stuck in the office. They can't get to the gym. At least, they can do a 15- or 20-minute workout," she said.

    Compared with gym memberships, the online workouts are affordable. Some charge about $15 a month or $100 a year, but for unlimited access.

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