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6 Middle Schools In Mix For Year-Round Conversion

Posted August 30, 2006 8:00 a.m. EDT

— Wake County Schools officials continued Wednesday to tweak the list of schools that might be converted to year-round calendars next year.

The Board of Education on Tuesday looked at possibly decreasing the number of elementary schools involved in the conversion from 23 to 19. On Wednesday, board members raised the possibility of converting six middle schools: Wakefield Middle, East Wake Middle, Salem Middle, East Garner Middle, North Garner Middle and Leesville Middle.

The district plans to shift more schools to year-round calendars to create more space for steadily increasing enrollments. Year-round schools can accommodate about 20 percent more students than traditional schools because students are divided into four groups, with one on break and three in class at all times.

The school board is expected to vote next Tuesday on the final list of schools to be converted.