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Southern Pines Residents Want To Know What's On Tap

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SOUTHERN PINES, N.C. — Some residents in Southern Pines are worried their water is unhealthy.

"I'm a little bit concerned. I mean my daughter drinks this water. We all bathe in this water. It's very important, so yeah, I'm very upset about it," resident Daniel Jeffery said.

Town water officials recently had to send out notices telling consumers that there were some problems with the water last year during an expansion of the water treatment plant when workers were changing the chemical lines.

"In the process, the chemical feed was not able to be as fine-tuned as it would normally be," town manager Kyle Sonnenberg said.

Officials found that the water levels had high amounts of potentially cancer-causing chemicals. The town is required to notify customers, but Sonnenberg said this was not a rare problem at water treatment plants. The work was completed last fall, and Sonnenberg said people have nothing to worry about.

"The problem would arise if you had high levels in your drinking water for a number of years," he said.

Officials say there was a delay in notifying people because the problem was not deemed to be an emergency. The water is tested on a regular basis, but Sonnenberg said the plant is now safe.

"I continued to drink the water throughout the whole process," Sonnenberg said.

Town leaders say residents do not need to switch to bottled water.


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