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Customers Pour Into Station For $2.09 Gas

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JOHNSTON COUNTY, N.C. — At the "Good Store" on Highway 50 in Johnston County, the price for regular unleaded is $2.09 a gallon. That's 80 cents less than the Triangle's average gas price.

"I drive here just for this special," said driver Judy Johnson. "It's the greatest thing in the world! I tell everybody about it."

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    When drivers see the price, many would say that there must be a catch. And there is a catch, but most people say it's something they can live with.

    "(With an) in-store purchase and the right credit card, you get the discount," said station owner Ameer Saib.

    The base price at "The Good Store" is $3.07, well above the average price. Spend at least $1 in the store, and the price drops to 2.62. And if a customer uses a Citgo credit card, the price drops to $2.09.

    "The incentive is to let people know we have a store here, we have a lot of stuff inside, and we are here to provide cheaper gas," said Saib. "So yes, it's marketing, it's creating business."

    Saib has offered the discounts in the past. But with record high prices throughout the area, the $2.09 sticks out in the crowd.

    The station down the road from "The Good Store" charges $2.87 a gallon, but a clerk there said their business went up from customers wary of the other store's discount. Still, people who are willing to make a purchase and use the right card are saving big.

    When asked if he's losing money on this proposition, Saib said, "Sometimes I am, yes."

    The North Carolina Attorney General's office says they've received no questions or complaints about the gas discount at "The Good Store." The store is on Highway 50 between Benson and McGee's Crossroads.


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