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Dog Recuperating After Being Dragged By SUV

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FUQUAY-VARINA, N.C. — A dog dragged for more than two miles by an SUV driver and left to die in a ditch is now recovering at a local animal hospital.

The dog, named Buddy by the staff of Fuquay Veterinary Hospital, greets people with a wagging tail as he recuperates at the hospital.

"He looks pretty good compared to what he looked like when we first got a hold of him," said Shea Cunningham, of the hospital.

Three weeks ago, Buddy was tied to the back of a black sport utility vehicle and was dragged down several streets.

Jerry Parker said he and his friend saw the vehicle drive by with the dog attached to the bumper.

"I didn't believe it because it looked like a stuffed animal," Parker said. "(My friend) got in his truck and followed the lady, and I got in my truck."

The SUV went down Phelps West Road and ended up on Adcock Road, he said. The woman finally pulled over, untied a leash from her bumper and the dog's collar and took the leash with her as she drove off, he said.

Parker and his friend lifted the injured dog out of the ditch and took him to the animal hospital.

WRAL is looking into whether the driver was ever found or charged in this case.

Fuquay-Varina police say because the incident happened outside city limits, they did not respond to the incident and are not investigating the case.

A spokeswoman for the Wake County Sheriff's Office says a deputy was sent out to where the dog was left behind, and took down an incident report at that time. The spokeswoman says the report indicated the case was transferred to Animal Control. She could not say why the investigation was turned over to Animal Control.

Jeannie Shook, supervisor for Wake County Animal Control, told WRAL she could not find any report of a dog being dragged by a car in the agency's computer records. She also said she had not heard of the incident until WRAL called Friday. On Saturday, she told WRAL News she will start her own investigation into this. Shook says both the Wake County Sheriff's Office and Animal Control have the authority to investigate animal cruelty cases.

Meanwhile, Buddy is looking for a new owner who can look past his scars to see his will to survive.


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