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Burlington Gas Stations Slash Prices In Fuel Fight

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BURLINGTON, N.C. — It's about 30 miles from the Triangle to Burlington. But, when drivers start seeing gas prices around $2.60 a gallon, it's seems like they're at the other end of the earth.

"In Durham, most of the prices are near $3, about $2.99 and up," said one driver. "I don't understand why gas is 30 cents less here."

"I actually just came back from Chapel Hill, and the lowest (price) I could find was $2.89, so I had to wait until I got to Burlington," said driver Tracy Tetterton.

The lowest price spotted on Thursday was $2.63 at the Flying J just off Interstate 40 in Burlington. Across the street, another station lowered its price to match. At the Haw River exit, stations are also right in the middle of the low-price fight.

It can be called a price war, but the workers at Fuel City in Burlington said it's just a basic business decision. They said they have to have competitive prices.

"It just doesn't make sense, such a discrepancy in the prices," said one driver.

AAA said there are often isolated price wars when the wholesale price starts to dip, but the organization admitted the 30-cent gap is highly unusual. In fact, the stations are probably losing money on gas. AAA advises drivers to enjoy the price war while they can.


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