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Worker Respiratory Complaints Prompt Fidelity Evacuation

Posted August 17, 2006 5:05 a.m. EDT

— Fidelity Investments employees had to be evacuated twice from the financial services company's building Thursday morning because of an unidentified air-quality problem.

A handful of employees on the third floor of the Page Road building began complaining about respiratory problems at about 9 a.m., so the Durham Fire Department was called to investigate. Employees were sent outside as firefighters checked for a possible gas leak, but they were later allowed to return when nothing unusual was found.

A short time later, dozens of employees on the fourth floor said they were having trouble breathing, and firefighters were again called to RTP to check it out. Paramedics also examined the employees.

The source of the problem wasn't found, so Fidelity called in an air-quality specialist to check the building.

Employees who decided to continue working were sent to other Fidelity sites in the area.

The company won't reopen the building until officials determine what was affecting the workers.