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'Sassy' Lap Dog Helps Find Stolen Pet

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VASS, N.C. — A dog stolen from a yard in Vass was left tied up in the woods with no food and water -- that was until a little lap dog came along to save the day.

Six-year-old Sassy is a cherished family pet, who now can be called a hero.

Owner Gerri Brown said Sassy, a poodle-and-Pekinese mix, was walking along a dirt road near their home when she began barking back and forth to a dog in the woods.

"She knew something was going on and she had a fit," Brown said. "She just knew something was wrong."

When Sassy would not leave, Brown walked into the woods and found a dog tied up to a tree about 50 feet from the road.

Brown said the dog, named Brendle, was tied to the tree with to a four foot long rope.She said Brendle had dug several large holes around the base of the tree.

Brown said Brendle appeared weak, but happy to be found.

Brendle, who was reported stolen, weathered sun and rain for five days before he was set free.

Brown said Brendle's owner was thrilled to get him back.

"She just couldn't believe it. And when we told her he was down there tied to a tree she got kind of ill about that, but who wouldn't," Brown said.

Vass police said they do not have many leads to go on in the case. Anyone with information is asked to call (910) 245-4676.


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