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Judge: Sisters Must Go To Different High Schools

Posted August 16, 2006 2:22 a.m. EDT

— A judge ruled Tuesday that a Wake County teen cannot stay at her old high school while her parents fight her new school assignment in court.

Bailey Family's Blog

The Bailey family of Apex has sued the Wake County Board of Education because their two teen daughters have been assigned to different high schools. Brittany Bailey, a rising sophomore, has been reassigned to the new Holly Springs High School, while her older sister, Amber Bailey, will continue to attend Middle Creek High School.

The girls' parents said the reassignment would prevent Brittany from going to an early-morning religious class essential for the family's Mormon faith. Previously, the sisters went together from the religious class to school.

School board members decided not to make exceptions for separating siblings in last spring's reassignment of more than 9,300 students, saying doing so would make it difficult to fill seven new schools.

Board members said they heard about 1,000 reassignment appeals in recent weeks and granted about 38 percent of them.