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Durham Residents Fight Crime Through E-Mail

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DURHAM, N.C. — Durham residents have found a way to fight crime and help their community -- by communicating across the Internet.

Residents in north Durham recently helped police solve five crimes in five days. When a burglar attacked

Mary Miller

last week, the community found out, traded information and helped police.

"I can send an e-mail to the listserv and it will distribute it to everybody," said Colin Crossman, of the community watch group, Partners Against Crime.

More than 600 people in north Durham are on the listserv. If a resident sees something suspicious, everyone may soon learn about it.

"That really deters a lot of crime when folks know what's supposed to be going on," said resident Ken Gasch said.

Northern Durham residents still meet with each other once a month to share concerns. Durham police and the community watch group are using the same e-mail system, and both are helping each other.


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