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North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina Score Well In Workforce Training

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RALEIGH, N.C. — When Novartis announced recently its plans to build a vaccine plant in Holly Springs, the company said the key to is location decision was the availability of a trained workforce.

Respondents to a survey published by Expansion Management magazine agreed with Novartis, ranking North Carolina fourth among the states in work force training.

Georgia and South Carolina did well also. Georgia ranked second and South Carolina fifth in the eighth annual survey.

"Years ago, companies didn't expect to earn money off their newly hired workers for at least the first six months of employment," said Ken Krizner, managing editor of Expansion Management, in a statement. "New workers were in an apprentice-type situation, where the company was quite willing to invest time, money and patience in the present for a payoff down in the future. Those days are long gone."

Eighty corporate site consultants were interviewed for the survey. Alabama was ranked first, Texas third.

"Having a ready supply of educated and trainable workers is still the No. 1 priority for any business executive who is considering opening up a new facility," said Bill King, editor of Expansion Management magazine. "Given the enormous capital expense incurred in expanding or relocating a manufacturing facility, any assistance a company can receive from state and local governments to meet its initial training needs may play a decisive role when that company is down to its short list of two or three competing locations and must make its final decision."

Training programs were evaluated on several criteria, including financial value, ease of use. And applicability.

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Top 10 States With the Best Work Force Training Programs:

1. Alabama 2. Georgia 3. Texas 4. North Carolina 5. South Carolina 6. Colorado 7. Tennessee 8. Kentucky 9. Arizona 10. Florida

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