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Boy Scout Leaders Hope Guidelines Stop Child Predators

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RALEIGH, N.C. — A local Boy Scout troop leader has been charged with soliciting sex from a child over the Internet. Investigators haven't said whether 46-year-old David Jones targeted a Boy Scout, but officials with the organization said they have barriers in place to protect their Scouts.

The first one is on Page 1 of every Boy Scout manual.

"When the boy buys the book and opens it up, there is a, 'How to protect your child from child abuse, a parent's guide,'" said Boy Scout executive John Akerman.

It's a guide that helps parents talk about sexual and physical abuse. Every parent must sign a form saying they read it and discussed it with their child.

The Boy Scouts also show videos that help kids learn the tricks molesters use to take advantage of them. They're tools the Scouts use to keep kids safe.

Ken Griffo was a Boy Scout as a kid. He wanted his sons to have the same experience.

"It teaches you how to be a good person, how to take care of others, and that there are rules in life," said Griffo.

Griffo said everyone could learn a lesson from what the Scouts teach kids about child predators.

"I would encourage any parent, whether or not their son is in Boy Scouting, to read this material," he said.

Boy Scout officials also said Scout leaders aren't allowed to be alone with a Scout. There must always be two leaders present.


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