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Cary Message Signs To Get New Look

Posted August 10, 2006 9:45 a.m. EDT

— Some controversial message signs in Cary will be getting a new look.

Nine of the new message signs are up around Cary, but only six have power. Right now, they display test messages, but eventually they would display traffic and Amber alerts.

Many are upset, saying the signs are too big and unattractive.

"I think they're a bit silly," one driver told WRAL. "Seems like there was an awful lot of money spent for not much value that we're going to get from them."

On Thursday night, the Town Council authorized a $14,000 plan to help camouflage them. Crews will paint the poles a hunter green color and put more landscaping around the control boxes.

Many citizens are pleased their complaints drove town staff to come up with options to address appearance conerns. However, some Cary residents said that the problem can't be fixed while the signs remain.>

"I don't think putting anything there is going to make them attractive," said driver Kathleen Carter.

Town Council members said that residents should give the signs a chance to be something more than an eyesore.

"We haven't experienced yet the chance to benefit from a detour to an accident, to see that Amber Alert," said council member Marla Dorrell. "Those are the purposes those signs are there.>