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Fayetteville Street Parking Violators Get Temporary Free Pass

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Starting Wednesday, motorists in downtown Raleigh who are caught breaking certain parking rules on Fayetteville Street will get a temporary pass on getting tickets.

The city council voted unanimously to throw out any tickets given to drivers for curb violations after Fayetteville Street reopened July 29. Through Sept. 5, officers will issue warnings for curb violators.

Park Raleigh enforcement officers had handed out a number of tickets for parking too far away from the curb. Officers said they were just doing their jobs while some City Council members say they were doing too much.

"To come out of the gate right off the bat and start ticketing people for using the street for the first time in many, many years seems to me a bit heavy-handed," said City Councilor Philip Isley.

Park Raleigh enforcement leaders said they are writing far fewer tickets than the previous contractor.

While motorists who park too far from the curb will receive warnings, those who park illegally or park too long will still be subject to getting tickets.

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