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Residents Kick Up Dust Over Cinder-Block Plant

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — Residents in one local neighborhood protested outside a cinder-block manufacturer Tuesday, saying the company is stirring up excessive amounts of dust in the area.

Fay Block has been located in the area longer than most residents. But a few years ago, the company bought 40 undeveloped acres and expanded its operations, which now abut the back yards of some residents.

Neighbors said they would like the plant to adjust its operations so less dust is produced.

"It's some type of abrasive material that gets into your eyes, gets into your ears, gets into your mouth," resident Garland Sinclair said.

Resident Annie Crosby said she dusts almost daily because dirt builds up so quickly in her house, especially around her windows. She said the dust is harming her health.

"On a good day, with the wind blowing, you get it all in your mouth, face, house, cars, everywhere," resident Janet Sears said.

People said they have called environmental officials about Fay Block, but said they never heard back.

So, they took matters into their own hands Tuesday, protesting outside the plant while wearing masks over their noses and mouths.

Fay Block officials declined to comment about the situation. But the company president met with residents to discuss their concerns and told them managers are working with state officials to find ways to reduce the dust.


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