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Federal Government Hit Airwaves To Spread Word About Drunken Driving

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RALEIGH, N.C. — One of the most aggressive ways to get people to stop drinking and driving is to have sobriety checkpoints, but they do not reach everyone and that is where TV comes into play.

For about the next month when you turn on something like pro wrestling or a sporting event, you can expect to see commercials talking about the dangers of drinking and driving. The ads are targeted at young males, since officials say statistically they are the most likely to drive drunk.

Last year, officials claim 17,940 people died in alcohol-related crashes nationally. Officials say that is the highest number of fatalities since 1992.

Over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, the federal government estimates 560 people will be killed in drunken driving crashes.

The message about not drinking and driving appears to be working better in North Carolina than other places. Alcohol-related crashes have dropped 70 percent over the past 20 years in North Carolina, which is one of biggest drops nationwide.


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