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Crews Endure High Temps Fighting North Raleigh Fire

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Fire crews fought more than a townhouse blaze Friday afternoon in North Raleigh, as they wore heavy firesuits under the summer sun.

When firefighters are battling flames, they're also wearing protective gear that weighs up to 60 pounds, raising their temperature an additional 30 percent. But battling 700-degree flames was just another day on the job for the firefighters.

Neighbors saw flames shooting from the back porch of a residence in North Raleigh's new Bedford community. Thirteen emergency crews responded, as well as the American Red Cross.

"They give them water and water mixed with Gatorade, and test blood pressure to make sure their levels are fine," said Raleigh Fire Division Chief James Poole.

Anyone with elevated levels spent extra time in the shade before rotating back in.

It took firefighters less than an hour to contain the flames, but Fred Haines' mother won't know how bad her place is until everything dries out.

"This was her retirement home, our retirement home," said Haines. "You can't replace the memories. The fortunate thing is, she's only been here a month, so she doesn't have a lot of memories of this house."

Authorities said two families were at home when the fire occurred, and they were evacuated by fire crews. According to authorities, there were no injuries to residents or firefighters.


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