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Trooper's Wife Recounts Details Of Shooting

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ROXBORO, N.C. — The wife of a state trooper who was shot inside her house says she is lucky to be alive.

Last Thursday, Daneille Regan was in her bathroom when she heard a gunshot.

"I heard a noise and I saw the blinds move and then I felt a burning in my chest. It took me a few seconds to realize that I must have been shot," she said.

Regan said her first instinct was to drop to the ground in case another shot would be fired. Regan said she knew that she was losing a lot of blood and did not have much time.

"I was thinking that if I could get to the phone and call 911, that I knew that I lived close in town and it would not take long for someone to get downtown and help me," she said.

However, Regan said she still prepared for the worse.

"I actually gave the 911 dispatcher my brother's telephone number because I did not know if I was going to live or not," she said.

Regan said her training as an emergency room nurse saved her life.

"Even though my heart felt like it was pounding 150 times a minute, I knew that I had to try to stay calm," she said.

Regan says she still has a hole in her chest and must change the dressing on her wound twice a day. She says she still has numbness in her right arm.

Linda Strickland Lee has been charged with Regan's attempted murder.


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