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30 Wake Schools Considered For Year-Round Conversion

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RALEIGH, N.C. — The North Raleigh Bulldogs were gearing up for the start of the Pop Warner baseball season on Thursday. But it might be the first and last season for many of the players, because making time to play ball might be complicated if they attend a year-round school next year.

The Wake County School System released the names of 30 elementary schools that are under consideration for conversion to a year-round schedule next year. The list of schools has been published on

its Web site

. However, officials said not all of the schools on the list will convert to the new schedule.

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    School system spokesperson Michael Evans said the system is facing a seating crisis, with 7,000 new students enrolling each year and nowhere to put them. Schools on a year-round calendar can hold up to 33 percent more students, because students are on staggered schedules throughout the year.

    Karien Chavis has seven children. Three of her kids attend one of the schools on the list, while a fourth is in middle school and will stay on a traditional calendar.

    "We'll just have to deal with it," said Chavis. "It's not that big of a problem for us."

    But other parents are concerned.

    "I've got mixed emotions about it, based on scheduling with two different parents with two jobs," said parent Michael Anderson.

    The school system said they would work hard to accommodate everyone.

    "One of the criteria they are looking at is -- are there traditional schools nearby?" said Evans. "That if a parent couldn't make a year-round calendar work, then there might be an opportunity (to switch.)"

    Next Tuesday, the school system will present the list of schools recommended for transition to members of the Board of Education. There will be a public hearing on August 28, before the board makes a final decision.


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