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Jordan Lake Campers Find Natural Ways To Beat Heat

Posted August 2, 2006 10:08 a.m. EDT

— Richard Montgomery hasn't been camping in years, but now he's trying to make good on the trip he promised his children. However, with temperatures topping out at more than 95 degrees, he's getting a little more than he bargained for.

"We knew it would be hot for July," said Montgomery. "But we didn't plan on it being (around 100 degrees) with the heat index."

There's no air conditioning for campers like Chris Seifering at Jordan Lake.

"We're melting, just melting," said Seifering. "Every day, we're like, 'Oh God, we're melting.'"

Park superintendent Greg Schneider said more than 100 tent campers are taking on the hot temperatures.

"Nature's (air conditioning) here," said Schneider. "You've got the cooling effects from the breeze on the lake."

Natural relief is all camper Sharon Willard has to stay cool.

"About two hours ago, we got a nice breeze off the lake," said Willard. "It was the coolest I've been in a long time. I'm waiting for that breeze again."

Campers also said they've packed lots of ice. By this weekend, park officials are expecting nearly 300 of their sites to be occupied.