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Preliminary Test Results Show Progress For Most N.C. Schools

Posted August 2, 2006 11:33 a.m. EDT

— Nearly 60 percent of North Carolina's public schools made progress according to preliminary end-of-grade test results.

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    Preliminary AYP Results For N.C. Schools

    The Department of Public Instruction compiled a statewide picture of Adequate Yearly Progress results. About 1,349 schools, so far, have met the AYP goals. Just over 900, or 40.3 percent, did not.

    The latest numbers do not include all schools because some have had trouble reporting data. The results also do not include math scores from elementary and middle schools.

    Because there was a new math test for grades K-8, education officials said those scores would not be made available until October.

    The percentages will likely go down when math scores are factored in, officials said.