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Fayetteville Street Motorists Cited For Parking Violations

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RALEIGH, N.C. — On the first business day for the reopening of Fayetteville Street to traffic, some drivers are getting an unpleasant surprise -- parking tickets.

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Parking-ticket writers are out in force, catching drivers who are parked illegally. The tickets are being written even though there are not any clear markings of parking spaces on the street.

"There are obviously going to be some issues with where to park," Isley said. "We don't have any parking striping on the street, right now, I don't even think we have a center line on it yet."

According to a representative with the city's street department, lines were not painted on Fayetteville Street for aesthetic reasons.

City Councilman Philip Isley said he wishes that there were some kind of grace period in effect.

"I can see a lot of confusion coming about if it is unstriped, but bottom line, to come out of the gate right off the bat and start ticketing people for using the street for the first time in many many years seems to me to be a little bit heavy-handed," Isley said.