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Chapel Hill Nightclub Under Review After Fatal Shooting

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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — The future operating status of a Chapel Hill nightclub is under review after a fatal shooting outside the club Saturday night, the third in the area in recent months.

Kedrain Swann, 26, was shot 12 times outside Club Avalon Saturday night after an altercation inside the club, police said. He died at a local hospital.

"I had met with the Club Avalon manager the week before the homicide occurred and had put his permit for 2006-2007 on hold, because we had concerns about their failure to police their own patrons, and this (homicide) occurred," said Chapel Hill Police Chief Gregg Jarvies.

The club has had dozens of complaints, Jarvies said. Earlier this month, a club patron and his friend were beaten up inside the club. That same night, someone fired gunshots outside the club.

"Serious incidents totaled about 25 in the last 12-month period," Jarvies said. "So, significant activity -- more so than any other club that we've dealt with in town."

Jarvies is making recommendations to the Town Council about what should be done with Avalon's business license. He said the club has decided to close for a few weeks.

But first, he said, investigators are still trying to determine what led to Saturday's shooting.

"Very few people are talking," Jarvies said. "We know some club staff probably have some information, and that's what we want to talk to the Avalon folks about first."

Jarvies said he will present his final recommendation to the Chapel Hill town manager by the middle of the week.

The North Carolina Alcohol Beverage Control commission is also in the process of reviewing Club Avalon's liquor license. Another Chapel Hill nightclub, Chi Hi, recently lost its license after two shootings at the club. It was forced to close, but a sign on the door says a new club will open in its place later this month.


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