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Statistics Show Crime In Raleigh Is On Decline

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Raleigh police say reported crime is down 10 percent citywide, but how do those numbers break down?

The western part of Raleigh is home to North Carolina State University and Hillsborough Street, but police say it also has a dubious destinction. The area has the most reported crimes this year. However, police say new patrol strategies have lowered reported crime in that area 12 percent from last year.

In fact, police say crime is down in every sector of the city, 10 percent overall. Police say they have made 200 more arrests this year compared to last year's numbers.

Police say the downtown area is the safest section of Raleigh. Officials say reported crime in the downtown area is down nearly 25 percent from last year. Officials also say downtown arrests are up by 208 percent.

"We have several patrol techniques, bike units, the mounted horse units and walkers in the downtown area," said Lt. John Lee, of Raleigh Police Department's downtown unit.

Raleigh police also have a new, high-tech way to track and fight crime. Officers put the information into a computer, which then maps the different crimes. It gives police a better picture of where they need to focus their efforts.

Excluding downtown, officials say two sections of north Raleigh have the second- and third-reported amount of crime. The east, southeast, and West rank fourth, fifth and sixth respectively.

Chief Jane Perlov said Raleigh is safe for the most part. She points out there have only been three murders in the city so far this year. Currently, Durham has 10 murders.


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