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Trooper's Attorney Claims Roxboro Police Spread False Allegations About Client

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ROXBORO, N.C. — The attorney for the state trooper whose wife was shot claims the police are spreading false allegations about his client.

On Wednesday, Wallace Bradsher Jr., Bobby Regan's attorney, said his client did have a relationship with Linda Strickland Lee, but that relationship ended months ago. Lee is currently in the Person County Jail under $1 million bond. She is charged with the attempted murder of Regan's wife, Daneille, early Thursday morning.

Bradsher claims Lee saw Regan in hopes of resuming their relationship, but he declined her advancesLee then was upset with Regan when she took a bottle of wine and left him. Bradsher claims Regan was later awakened by gunshots behind his house.

"He woke up. He went outside and found Linda Lee intoxicated, laying on the ground outside beside her car. The car was erratically parked behind the house," Bradsher said. "He asked Linda Lee where she had been. She could not give an intelligent answer. She said she did not know. She was extremely drunk."

Roxboro police allege Regan was living with Lee while he was separated from his wife, but Bradsher said that is not true.

"He did move into a house, 5600 Old Durham Road, that Linda Lee had lived in. However, she vacated that home," he said.

Bradsher said his client wanted to reconcile with his wife. However, Daneille Regan said Wednesday that there are no plans for reconciliation.

Bradsher also claims that one of the three guns recovered from Lee's home belonged to her and not Regan as police had alleged. Authorities believe one of those three guns may have been used in the shooting.

Bradsher said his client did nothing wrong that would merit criminal charges. Authorities have not named Regan as a suspect in his wife's shooting.

Bradsher also alleged that Chief Terry Hill, of the Roxboro Police Department, is spreading false allegations. The attorney claimed that Lee had a relationship with Chief Hill. The lawyer would not release specific details, but he claims Lee has been seen leaving Hill's house in the past six months.

Hill has denied the allegations by Regan's attorney.


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