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Triangle's First Ethanol Station Opens In Durham

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DURHAM, N.C. — On Thursday, the ethanol fuel station in the Triangle opened for business in Durham.

Cruizers Convenience Store on Highway 55 near Research Triangle Park now sells E-85, which is 85 percent ethanol and made from corn, as well as biodiesel fuels.

"When I bought this vehicle, I didn't actually know that it would work with E-85," said driver Jerry Richardson. "But I studied it about a year ago, so I've been looking forward to this day."

The first ethanol station in the area arrived in Southern Pines in April. Soon, Agri-Ethanol Products plans to build the state's first ethanol plant in Beaufort County.

"Every gallon of ethanol that we manufacture means a gallon less of imported crude oil from people that are not necessarily our friends," said Agri-Ethanol Products CEO Terry Ruse.

The Cruizers station was charging $2.94 a gallon for E-85 on Thursday, compared to $2.99 per gallon for regular unleaded at nearby stations.

With rising prices, investors and even legislators are all looking toward alternative fuels.

"We just passed Senate Bill 2051, called the Energy Independence Act, which we hope is going to help us develop an overall bio-fuels plan for our state," said Sen. Charles Albertson, D-Duplin.


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