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Crime Mapping Computer Program Pays Big Dividends In Raleigh

Posted June 17, 2003 4:38 a.m. EDT

— Imagine a big computer running the Raleigh police department. High-tech computers are guiding how officers patrol your neighborhood.

Raleigh Police Chief Jane Perlov's aid in crime fighting is a new crime-mapping computer system.

"Our theory is we want to address a trend before it becomes a big pattern," she said.

Perlov has increased the crime analysis department from three workers to seven workers. Every police report is logged into a computer and information is updated daily. In the past, police waited weeks for such vital information.

"Instead of just having random patrols, we're going to be very focused and we're going to move to where the crimes and quality-of-life issues are happening," Perlov said.

The crime mapping covers everything. For example, in the Oakwood neighborhood, thieves were stealing porch furniture. Police handled a dozen cases in one month. The computer narrowed down times and areas where the thefts were happening.

Using the data, cops used bike and foot patrols and as a result, two suspects were arrested in connection with eight cases.

"I'm very proud to say crime is down 10 percent citywide in Raleigh," she said.