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SAS Restructuring Affects About 100 Employees

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is offering some 100 marketing employees an opportunity to seek other positions within the software giant's ranks or to leave the company as part of a restructuring effort.

It's the second such move the world's largest privately held software company has made since May. And it's the last that is planned, according to company spokesman Steve Eisenstadt.

SAS currently has more than 100 job openings for which the affected marketing employees can apply, Eisenstadt said. Another 50 openings are expected in the near future.

Those choosing not to apply for another position will remain on the SAS payroll through Sept. 15, the company said.

"In some cases there will be some skill sets that don't match, but we anticipate there will be new positions for many of these affected people," Eisenstadt said.

The moves are not layoffs but "an attempt to improve the company's operating efficiency, reduce duplication and ensure that employees' skills fit its strategy," he added. "In fact, we will see an increase in the number of positions at SAS by year's end. We recently passed the 10,000 mark in employees this year (slightly more than 4,200 in Cary), and that number will grow."

SAS has described the two restructuring moves as an attempt to make the firm more competitive in the global marketplace.

"The recent changes are part of the normal evolution of a large company that's been in business for a number of years and, again, our goal is not to reduce the number of employees in the company, but to rebalance the skill sets that are needed to continue our 30-year string of growth and profitability," Eisenstadt said.

Of the people affected by the earlier reorganization, only three people decided to leave SAS, he added. Eisenstadt said he expected most of those in this second group to also remain SAS employees.

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