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Raleigh School Sanctioned By NCAA Officials

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RALEIGH, N.C. — For some high school athletes, sports are their ticket to a higher education. But that journey is now in question at one local high school.

"I'm totally shocked by Word of God (Christian Academy)," said AAU basketball coach Julio Williams. "I never thought in a million years that Word of God would be on that list."

Williams was talking about the announcement from the NCAA that the Raleigh school is one of 16 schools not cleared for NCAA academic eligibility. The announcement leaves student athletes from the school unable to receive college scholarships.

The NCAA puts schools on the list if they do not submit requested information or if records do not meet standards.

"To hear that they didn't get cleared, it really hurts their school and their program," said Williams. "I can only imagine what the kids are feeling."

The school released a certificate to WRAL Thursday afternoon that it said proves the school is in good academic standing with the state. It also said the ruling is based on a miscommunication and will be cleared up within the next few weeks.

The allegations hit close to home for former North Carolina State and NBA player Chucky Brown.

"It's definitely concerning," said Brown. "You don't want to have a kid just because he's a good ball player go to this school and just be given grades, because that doesn't do anything for the kid."

Athletes from schools on the list can play college sports. They will just have to have their individual academic records reviewed before enrolling in school.


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