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Bad Weather Slows Work On Cary Sinkhole

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CARY, N.C. — Once again, nature played the role of spoiler Thursday, shutting down repair work on a sinkhole along

Seabrook Avenue

in Cary.

Almost three weeks ago, officials estimated the repairs would take five days to complete. But another round of rain Thursday meant another day equipment would sit idle.

The roadway collapsed under the pressure of heavy rain from tropical storm Alberto. Residents like Sandy Gibbs say the muddy mess cuts into the neighborhood's recreation, since a park is right next to it.

"Since you can't walk down through there, you have to turn around and walk back," said Gibbs. "So, it's a pain that way. And just the kids going to the park, they can't get there."

Another hassle for neighbors is the traffic shift. Seabrook Avenue connects two major thoroughfares in Cary -- Maynard Avenue and Cary Parkway.

Antonio Barnes now drives three miles to get to Cary Parkway. It used to take him two minutes.

"Yeah, it's bad," said Barnes.

The town of Cary said once the weather clears and work resumes, the contractor working on the sinkhole should complete the work. Crews will put in new drainage pipes and fill the hole that blew out.

As soon as that is completed, the town crews will come in and put the street base down, new gutters, sidewalks and put a new layer of asphalt down on top of that.

It's not just the traffic shift that residents have to contend with. Some neighbors won't have running water when repair work resumes on Friday.


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