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Arson, Vandalism Reported During Spring Lake July 4 Celebrations

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SPRING LAKE, N.C. — Things got out of hand on the Fourth of July in Spring Lake's Deerfield community. An unknown culprit put fireworks by a house's front door, where they ignited and burned the wall.

No one was living in the home at the time. Homeowner Robert Anderson is selling it, but now has a buyer and plans to close soon. Now, Anderson has to fix the damage.

"It's very frustrating and it's caused a lot of work and a lot of expense," said Anderson.

Residents say vandals hit other houses, where they allegedly broke windows and knocked over trashcans. No one reported those crimes.

"You're supposed to relax and spend time with the family (on July 4) and for something like that to happen, I think it's real bad," said resident Lumumba Quow, who is not a victim.

Spring Lake police said nobody reported the broken windows. However, arson investigators continue to look for suspects involved in the fire.


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