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Raleigh Woman Accused Of Allegedly Leaving Dog In Hot Car

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CARY, N.C. — Many people may not think twice about leaving their pets inside a car as they run errands, but it landed one local woman behind bars.

Rebecca Ann Lore, 32 drove a friend to work at the Cary Towne Center on Monday, and left her dog inside the car as she went into the mall.

"She meant to leave the dog in the car briefly while she dropped me off, and she was planning on going right back to the car", says Kristy Tenner, Lore's friend.

Tenner said that plan changed when Lore collapsed. Emergency workers initially responded to the mall after a call that Lore passed out. While she was being treating, police went to her car and found the dog, a husky named Shania, trapped inside with the windows rolled up.

When animal control officials got into the car, the temperature inside registered at more than 120 degrees.

"They got the dog out and gave it some water," said Sgt. Travis Baker with the Cary Police Department. "It was panting, appeared to be in pretty good shape."

Leaving an animal in a hot car is a misdemeanor. Police say the typical punishment for this type of offense is a small fine and community service. But in Lore's case, she was arrested and taken to jail.

"We want to get out to the public, please do not do this," said Baker.

But Lore's friend said it's all a big mistake.

"She loves that dog," said Tenner. "There is no way that she would do anything to put that dog in danger, I know that."

Police officials said the officer had the option of just issuing a citation, but instead felt the offense warranted an arrest. The dog is now back in the custody of its owner. Police said they released it to Lore's fiancé after the incident.


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