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Teens Donate Week To Help With Home Repairs

Posted June 29, 2006 8:48 a.m. EDT

— When you're up on a rooftop, you can't help nailing down a new perspective.

"I've never done roofing before, but here I am, on top of a roof and it just gives you a sense of satisfaction," said Hannah Hammaker from Winston-Salem, N.C.

Most of the World Changers volunteering in Harnett and Wake counties are spending a week pounding out repairs. Down below, Linda Branch watched a crew tackle her leaky roof.

"They're just the greatest kids in the world," said Branch.

The students have come from as far as the Midwest, and as close as the Triad.

"We just go where God tells us to go, and we prayed about it and he said, 'Raleigh, you've gotta go to Raleigh,'" said Anne Elyse Hicks, from Virginia.

World Changers are fixing up 10 homes in Raleigh, and another 15 in Harnett County. Whether it's new shingles or a new wheelchair ramp, the communities provide the materials and the World Changers provide the labor.

Not only are the students donating their time and amateur carpentry skills -- they also each paid $260 lodging, food, and the privilege of helping someone else.

"It's hard, but God's giving us the strength to get through it," said Steven Hutto of Roanoke, Va.

Their dedication is making an impression.

"A lot of kids nowadays don't have respect for anybody, but these kids do," said Branch.

World Changers will also fix homes in four other North Carolina communities this month. Student volunteers already helped families in Charlotte and Durham.