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Biofuel Firm Novozymes Wins Research Contract In China

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FRANKLINTON, N.C. — Novozymes

, a developer of biofuels technology, has won a three-year contract for research and development of biofuels in China.

Novozymes and China Resources Alcohol Corporation (CRAC) have agreed to a three-year contract under which the two firms well set up a pilot factory in Zhaodong, China. An ethanol factory is already located in that city.

Novozymes is developing enzymes needed for cellulosic-based ethanol, or biofuel, processes.

"I am very confident that with our knowledge of enzyme technology we can help CRAC to develop commercially viable processes for producing second-generation biofuel," said Humphrey Lau, marketing director at Novozymes. "At the same time, the project is important because the whole of this industry is still in its infancy. A project as comprehensive as this one has good prospects of leading to new technologies within the energy arena, particularly with respect to converting cellulose-based biomass."

Unlike ethanol based on corn, second-generation biofuels rely on cellulose-based ethanol

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