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Flash-Flood Watch Issued For Central N.C.

Posted June 26, 2006 9:20 a.m. EDT

— The National Weather Service has issued a flash-flood watch until Tuesday afternoon for a large portion of central North Carolina.

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    Several counties in the WRAL viewing area are part of the flash-flood watch (Click


    to view the list).

    A deep southeasterly flow will continue to pump moisture into central North Carolina over the next few days, according to the National Weather Service. Numerous heavy showers and thunderstorms are expected through Tuesday. Showers and storms are forecast to move repeatedly over the same areas, having the potential to cause localized flooding.

    Rainfall amounts should average between two to four inches with some locations receiving up to six inches or more of rain.

    As an upper level system from the west interacts with a tropical disturbance coming up from the south late Monday, significant heavy rainfall is expected.

    Previous heavy rain that has fallen over most of the state the past several days has saturated the ground in some places, and many creeks are running high. Additional heavy rainfall over this area would send these creeks over their banks and cause flooding of rivers, as well as urban and poor drainage areas.

    A flash-flood watch means that conditions might develop that lead to flash flooding. Residents in central North Carolina should monitor forecasts for the next few days and be alert to periods of heavy rain and flooding and be prepared to take action should flash-flood warnings be issued.