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N.C. State Provost Backs In-State Tuition For Children Of Illegal Immigrants

Posted June 23, 2006 9:03 a.m. EDT

— A top academic at North Carolina State University on Thursday told a conference on higher education that educators should do everything possible to change state law and give in-state college tuition to children of illegal immigrants.

  • "We should, I think, be helping achieve their goals and be educated citizens who can contribute to the economy of North Carolina," said Provost Larry Neilsen.

    Last year, a plan that would give in-state tuition did not get anywhere in the General Assembly, but Nielsen said the effort needs to be revived.

    An opponent of the bill suggests demonstrators should have lined up outside Nielsen's office door after his comments.

    Since the bill failed last year, it can't be introduced again in the General Assembly until 2007.