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Revels Wants To Crown New Miss N.C.

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RALEIGH, N.C. — A new battle for Rebekah Revels and the Miss North Carolina Organization. In a court filing, Revels wants to be part of the upcoming pageant, but pageant officials want her to stay home.

Revels lost the crown after pageant officials heard about topless photos of her taken by her then-fiance. First runner-up Misty Clymer was later named the new Miss North Carolina, but Revels sued to get her title back. A few months and a series of legal battles later, a judge ruled that neither Revels nor Clymer should have the title.

"Misty is not recognized as Miss North Carolina, [and] neither am I by the Miss North Carolina board," Revels said.

This year's pageant festivities start this week. The crowning is in less than 2 weeks away at the BTI Center. The pageant organization will allow Revels and Clymer through the doors, but only if they buy a ticket.

Barry Nakell, Revels' attorney, filed a motion in Wake County Superior Court to allow her to get the title of Miss North Carolina back, so she could present the crown at the pageant. Pageant officials said they have not decided who will present the crown, but it will not be Revels or Clymer.

"I'm not surprised by that. I'm suing them so, I guess it's a little understandable, but I do wish they would have invited both me and Misty," Revels said.

If the crown presentation does not happen, Revels said life will go on and her future could lie in Hollywood.

"Hopefully focusing on acting and modeling and maybe move out of North Carolina to pursue that," she said.

Clymer tells WRAL she is done with the tiara tussle. Clymer returned to her full-time job, but she made several appearances around the state.