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Fayetteville Man Wins $1 Million With Lottery Ticket

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — Larry Williams, 53, became an instant millionaire playing a South Carolina Lottery scratch-off ticket. The Army veteran says it was the answer to his prayers, and he plans to use the money to continue in his mission to help others.

Williams and his partner operate the Hands That Help Center in Fayetteville. The center is known for serving free meals and offering GED classes. They have been doing their faith-based work for around three years with money mostly from their own pockets.

However, The Hands That Help have recently needed some help of their own. The rent was about six months overdue and the power company had shut off the electricity at the center.

Soon, the two men would have to shut the center's doors. Williams prayed for help.

"Every time, I asked the Lord to give me great finances to do his work on earth," he said . The center was just two days away from closing when Williams made a routine trip to South Carolina to play the lottery. That's where he said his prayers were answered.

"The person before me got three tickets and left one, and that one was for me," he said.

Williams won $1 million on that scratch ticket. He's been celebrating ever since, buying himself a brand-new Mercedes, jewelry and even a new pair of shoes.

After giving the state its share, Williams received a total of $680,000. He says he also used some of his winnings to buy new cars for his son, daughter-in-law and ex-wife.

But Williams says his priority is to fix up the center and continue helping others in need.


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