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Southern Pines Company Offers Face-To-Face Customer Service Online

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SOUTHERN PINES — Some people are turned off by online buying. They really get upset when they know more about a product than store clerks. A Southern Pines company has a solution by using the Internet to talk with a video sales agent on your computer, TV or in a mall.

Using Gatelinx, you can press a button on your computer and get a real, live video sales agent who answers questions and takes your order.

Gatelinx operates over the Internet and can be used by any business to sell products, services and give personalized customer help. Developers say simplicity and information are the keys.

"This should always be a simple process. It shouldn't be something difficult like figuring out a new keyboard or how to push a button," says president David Hagen. "It should be as simple as communicating with another human being."

Gatelinx plans to roll out its technology soon. Microsoft officials have mentioned that they are interested in the technology.

"Any type of technology that's available today, and even tomorrow, through the Internet will be available to our agents to help make a sale or support a product," says Barrett Powell, vice president of business development.

Gatelinx will soon open an office in Cary where its technical staff will set up shop.