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Tuition Cap Approved For UNC Campuses

Posted October 13, 2006 3:11 a.m. EDT

— The University of North Carolina Board of Governors on Friday approved a 6.5 percent annual cap on tuition increases at the UNC system's 16 campuses.

UNC President Erskine Bowles proposed the cap as a way to help families plan for higher-education costs. He said he also wants state lawmakers to pick up more slack in funding the university system's needs.

  • Tuition Cap Proposal

    "It's affordable, and that's the most important thing -- to hold down cost of a college degree for our kids. At last, we have a cap on campus-initiated tuition," Bowles said.

    The 6.5 percent amount represents the average annual tuition increase over the past 34 years. The cap will remain in place for four years before UNC officials review it for possible changes.

    Students, who usually oppose votes on tuition increases by university administrators, backed the idea of a cap on increases.

    "This plan will allow for students and their families to be able to plan financially for future increases and educational costs and send a clear message to lawmakers that they must fund the unmet needs of the university styem," said Derek Pantiel, a senior at North Carolina Central University.

    In addition to the proposed tuition cap, Bowles said he plans to ask the General Assembly to fund faculty pay raises for two years and $38 million for tuition assistance.