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Missing Woman's Mother Appears With Psychic On National Show

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SANFORD, N.C. — Michelle Bullard vanished from a Lee County home in early January after being abducted at gunpoint. Nine months later, her mother, Karen Riojas, keeps searching.

"Never dreamed in a zillion years I'd be standing here today with one of my children missing," Riojas said.

Riojas set up a booth at this week's Lee County Fair. She took the week off work to talk to anyone who'll listen about her daughter and countless other missing people. She also talked with a psychic on Maury Povich's television show.

"When they asked me if I was interested in a psychic, I said, 'Well, I guess so,'" Riojas said.

She said the psychic predicted her daughter is no longer alive. While the active search is over, Riojas said she won't quit until she finds her daughter.

Investigators with the Lee County Sheriff's Office said they haven't given up on the case either. On Tuesday, they helped check out a tip of two dirt mounds in Harnett County. The tip turned up empty.

"We're not going to leave any stone unturned. If we get credible, reliable information, we'll check on it," said Lee County Deputy Sheriff Kevin Bryant.

There's a $10,000 reward for information that helps find Michelle Bullard. The Harnett County tip was the first in a month. Riojas said she hopes her booth at the fair and her television appearances will reheat the case.

"I'm not giving up the fight, not giving up hope of ever locating her," she said.

Durham police also asked a psychic to help try to solve the homicide of Janet Abaroa, who was found stabbed to death in her home more than a year ago. Her 6-month-old son was not harmed.

Abaroa's husband, Raven, told police he came home and found his wife's body. Police won't say what, if any, information the psychic gave them.