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Women Learn Self-Defense In Memory Of Slain Friends

Posted October 11, 2006 9:29 a.m. EDT

— At the age of 73, Peggy Allen has learned how she can defend herself.

Allen and two other women from Emporia, Va., have been taught all kinds of moves from a course called The Power of One -- Self-Defense For Women. It's a course that teaches women to be more confident, giving them the tools to fight off an attacker.

"The main thing was: if they walk up and say, 'I want money,' give them your pocketbook but throw it another way," said Beryl Harrison. "Don't just hand it to them, and possibly you may have a chance to get away."

Their lessons come after the deaths of Nellie Bradley, 71, and Dorothy Hobbs, 74, last August. The sister's bodies were dumped in Hertford County.

Allen and Hobbs were in the same high school class. Now, the women are doing something in memory of their friends.

"Yeah, anything is better than nothing," said Bette Sasser. "Don't just give it up. That was the main thing -- always scratch and fight."

Despite a reward of $12,000, no arrests have been made in the women's deaths. Until then, their friends will remain alert.

Investigators said they're working several leads. If you have any information, call the Hertford County Sheriff's Office or the State Bureau of Investigation.