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Fayetteville Girl Fights To Save Delivery Business

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — She could be sitting at home watching television. Instead, 10-year-old Savanna Nelson spends her free time running a business, taking food to workers downtown.

"I deliver lunches. I deliver drinks, coffees. Anything they need, I'll deliver for them," the young entrepreneur said.

Even though she only works for tips, Savanna said it's not just a hobby. She's a junior member of the Downtown Alliance of Fayetteville. She also has a work cell phone and business cards that read, "Savanna's Scooter Service...call me quick!"

But now Savanna is fighting to save her business after being banned from using her scooter. She said a policeman told her that it's against a city ordinance.

"I thought he was kidding, because he's our friend. I was heartbroken," she said.

Doug Hewett, Fayetteville's director of management services, said the ordinance was enacted "at the request of business owners who are worried about pedestrian safety and their customers having to contend with bicycles, scooters, or roller skates on sidewalks."

But Savanna's not giving up. On Monday, she marched into a City Council meeting and asked members to change the law.

"I'm only 10 years old," Savanna said. "It's not like I'd hurt anybody."

Savanna brought a petition with more than 400 signatures. Council members haven't taken any action, but to this little girl's family, she's already a winner.

"She's learning something she'll carry with her," said Savanna's dad. "At 10, by the time she's 25, she might be a multimillionaire because of this experience here."

The Fayetteville City Council has not yet made a decision on the ordinance. Savanna said that no matter what, she will fight to keep her business rolling.


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