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yard dump

Posted October 5, 2006 3:33 a.m. EDT

— Durham City Manager Patrick Baker maintains he did not know about permit problems at the city's waste Management facility before a compost fire broke out more than 3 weeks ago. At Thursday's city council meeting, Baker responded to specific questions by Mayor Bell and Councilman Thomas Stith.

17:52 we have to ask the tough questions in situations like this because people have the right to know. The public confidence in the city administration has been shattered by this incident.>The city's permit to operate the waste facility expired back in 2004. And for 2 years, it operated illegally.

18:15 I think the preliminary report shows that people were aware and balls were dropped.>

The fire in a yard waste heap broke out September 10th. Baker says he was not aware the city did not have a permit for the facility until two days later. But, he admits other city officials did know.

21:30 It's he said they said situation. I don't think that's ever going to be resolved