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Fayetteville Kidney Transplant Teen Finds Himself On Wrong Side Of Law

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — A Fayetteville teenager who made headlines four years ago after receiving a kidney from his teacher is back in the news, but on the wrong side of the law.

Michael Carter, 18, has been released from jail after posting bond Thursday night.

Wednesday afternoon, the high school dropout was one of 11 people arrested on drug charges at a home on George Owen Road.

In an incredible gesture four years ago, teacher Jane Smith donated a kidney to Carter.

At the time, Smith had high hopes for his future.

"I want Michael to have the wonderful life I've had," she said in an earlier interview.

In an e-mail to WRAL Friday, Smith said, "I'm saddened whenever I hear that any of my former students is having trouble. I will always care about and believe in Michael."

Tommy McAdams, Carter's older brother, said the kidney transplant should not be brought up everytime Michael gets in trouble with the law.

"It's not that my brother is not grateful," McAdams said. "He's just making mistakes that teenagers make. He's got to learn the hard way when he makes mistakes, but he doesn't need it rubbed in his face every time it happens."

Last year, Carter was charged with trying to steal a forklift from a concrete plant. At the time, his mother said she let him stay behind bars to teach him a lesson. After about three weeks, she posted his bond.

According to court records, Carter's mother had second thoughts about bailing him out. A month after she came and got him, she and Carter came to the jail and told deputies she wanted to bring him back.

Sources said she knew he was hanging out with the wrong crowd, not going to church and sneaking out of the house. Carter eventually pleaded guilty to a lesser charge and was released in March for time served.

As for the latest drug charges, other people arrested in the house allege Carter was just there visiting his girlfriend. They said the latest incident is not at all as it appears.

Smith is no longer a teacher in Fayetteville. She has since moved to Chapel Hill.


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