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DMV Uses New Technology To Ensure Collection Of Truck Registration Fees

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RALEIGH, N.C. — According to state law, size and weight matters when it comes to pickup trucks.

The Department of Motor Vehicles is using new technology to make sure drivers pay fees based on the weight of the truck. The new enforcement will cost some drivers more -- and bring in millions for the state.

For years, pickup truck drivers lived on the honor system to pay for registrations based on the weight of their vehicles. Now, new truck buyers are


to follow the law.

The DMV recently sent a letter to truck dealers, telling them the state has created a computer database with the shipping weight of all new trucks. If a pickup exceeds 4,500 pounds, the DMV knows it, and the buyer can't get a title unless he or she pays an extra $13 to $25 for the registration.

"This forces them to pay a little more to comply with the law," said Carol Howard, deputy commissioner of the DMV. "To pay a little more because of the weight of the vehicle and the damage it does to the roads."

So far, the registration weight requirements only apply to big trucks. There are many big SUVs that go well above 5,000 pounds, but for now, they are exempt.

Many motorists like the extended-cab trucks for personal use. They're not thrilled about paying for the added weight.

"That's why I pay road tax on this thing to begin with," said truck buyer Jimmy Elixson, "for road use. I don't need to be paying more for the licenses on it."

The DMV estimates thousands of truck drivers


pay the proper registration.

When told she makes it appear the DMV has lost millions over the years, Howard replied: "We have."

Well, no more.

By September, the DMV will document the weight for new


old trucks on the road. So, all pickup drivers will be forced to follow the law.

According to the DMV, the changes in registration enforcement will bring an extra $3 million a year into the state highway fund.


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