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Elderly Sanford Man Bruised, But Alive, After Home Invasion

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SANFORD, N.C. — An 81-year old man was back in his home Wednesday -- bruised, but not beaten, from a home invasion.

Levi Leak was hit in the face with a gun by a group of three intruders. Police believe the suspects may have been in the house before.

The bruise on Leak's face will go away long before his memory of the attack.

"They jumped up on the bed and stood up right over me," Leak said Wednesday.

While two men robbed his home, Leak said, a third man kept him in bed with a gun.

"And I'm trying to beg him for my life," Leak said. "'Please don't kill me. Please don't kill me. Please don't kill me. I'm an old man. Don't ya'll hurt me.'"

Leak said that when he tried to get up, the man hit him.

"He didn't hit me with his fist," Leak said. "He hit me with the butt end of a gun because he had the gun pointed at me."

The three men took the top drawer of Leak's bureau, along with money, watches and two cordless phones.

Because it was dark at the time of the attack, Leak didn't get a good look at the suspects. He couldn't give police a good description.

Investigators said Leak has good reason to believe the men know him, although he may not know them. On many a night, his yard is filled with cars, filled with strangers who have come to play cards.

"Sometimes, there are some who come I don't even know," Leak said.

Leak keeps the games going, even though he says visitors have robbed him before.

"Yeah, this is my third time," he said.

Leak's nephew, Lenard Keitt from Concord, has tried to convince his uncle he's no longer safe in his home.

"My uncle says he's been robbed three times, but really, it's been four times," Keitt said.

Nevertheless, Leak insists on staying. But he has promised -- no more cards.

"So I'm trusting and hoping and praying that he will keep his word and no more card games," Keitt said. "Now and forever more."


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