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Authorities Crack Down On Inspections For Tractor-Trailers

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ORANGE COUNTY, N.C. — Authorities have started a nationwide crackdown to make sure the tractor-trailers that commuters share the road with are safe.

A weigh station in Orange County can be a busy place. Sgt. Glenn Hogan and other officers are responsible for more than 14,000 trucks a day. When officers spot a potential problem, they pull the truck over for inspection.

Truck driver Matthew Decency said he thinks the inspections make the roads safer.

"If he finds something on my truck, I'm going to fix it right away. I'm going to fix it because that's the only way you can be safe out there," he said.

Officer Sean Cleary found one problem with Decency's truck -- its brakes.

"When they're backed out of adjustment like this, they don't clamp down and react as quick as they should if they were in adjustment," he said.

For Hogan and his crew in Orange County, the inspections are all part of the job.

"I feel like we're out here for a purpose and we're accomplishing the goals that we want to accomplish," he said.

Officers from the United States, Canada and Mexico are participating in "Operation Roadcheck 2003," which lasts until Friday morning.


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