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Hoke County Campers Will Not Let Dam Breaks 'Dry Up' Summer Fun

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HOKE COUNTY, N.C. — Rockfish Outreach Center in Hoke County has plenty of campers, but very little water.

Campers did not know what to expect when they arrived at Rockfish Outreach Center for summer camp. When the dam broke last week, Lake Upchurch went dry. Many wonder if the situation would "dry up" their summer fun.

"Camping people all over the country are used to being able to go with the flow and make adjustments to it, no matter what happens," camp director Dennis Tawney said.

The flow campers have now is from Rockfish Creek. The current is stronger and the creek is much more shallow than in years past. Lifeguards are able to walk in the water instead of swim, but kids are still able to float and canoe in the creek.

"We've had to be where we go upstream now and float back," counselor Dean McDuffie said. "You have to get more experience. It's tougher."

The camp is actually trying to take advantage of a dry lake. While there is no water, they are going to build a walkway from the lake to the conference center.

Officials say the lake was dry during summer camp at one other time. In that case, authorities drained it on purpose for dam maintenance.


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